Carry On Newsletters 88-91

If you’re reading this, you already know and love our blog, but did you know the name “Carry On…” comes from the Foundation’s newsletters that used to be sent to our Weidman followers? Here are a few copies of Carry On, the original way of getting our news out to Weidman enthusiasts.

Carry on 88

Featuring the welcoming of Margaret O’Sullivan , the foundation’s now acting President, to the board of directors! Time flies when you’re reconstructing Weidman dances!

Carry on 90

Announcing the completion and first screening of the documentary Charles Weidman: On His Own! Order your copy of the documentary here!

Carry on 91

Updates on the major projects we worked on in 1991, including the preservation through the teaching, filming, and recording in Labanotation of Weidman’s “On my Mother’s Side” and “David and Goliath”.

Enjoy these gems of Weidman history!