Carry on… Newsletters from 1992-1995

We know you have been itching to read more of our Carry on… newsletters. The wait is over! Here are four more gems of Weidman history for you! Enjoy Carry on… from 1992-1995 the original way enthusiasts kept up to date on Weidman happenings!

Lynchtown in Taiwan!

Lynchtown in Taiwan!

Carry On 1992

Announcing the completion of Jonette Lancos’s thesis entitled The Movement Style and Technique of Charles Weidman and a two week summer intensive in Weidman technique!

Carry On 1993

Carol Mezzacappa reflects on her incredible journey to Taiwan with SUNY Purchase dancers to teach Taiwanese dance students Weidman’s Lynchtown. They formed an intimidating and beautiful cast and performed Lynchtown at the Taipei International Festival of Dance Academies.

Carry On 1994

Announcing the Humphrey-Weidman Gala held on Sunday May 1st, 1994 at Hunter College. The amazing program featured Weidman’s Submerged Cathedral, On My Mother’s Side and David and Goliath as well as Humphrey’s Life of the Bee and The Shakers, to name just a few.

Carry On 1995

Featuring reviews from Dance View and Back Stage on the Humphrey-Weidman Gala of 1994 with one opening line stating that the show was “one of the most important programs seen this season- or, for that matter- in recent years” (Jennie Schulman, Back Stage)! I’d say that’s a five star review!