Visualization or From a Farm in New Jersey

Robert Kosinski has shared some wonderful photos of Charles

Weidman’s last composition, Visualization or from a Farm in New Jersey.


A program from a 1974 performance of “Visualization or From a Farm in New Jersey.”

Visualization-jpg-CWDF002Visualization-jpg-CWDF003Paying homage to his early years with Denishawn, Weidman dedicated this

dance to Ruth St. Denis. It premiered a year before Weidman’s death.

Part One is an eleven minute solo created for Janet Towner, tracing the

transformation of the cavorting farm girl, Ruthie Dennis, into the sublime

Ruth St. Denis.

Visualization-jpg-CWDF004The dance starts with the child’s exuberant and athletic

romps on the farm, her explorations of rippling arm movements, her playing

with fabric on a clothes line to create a saree, and includes two early solos

from her East Indian Series: The Yogi and Incense.

Visualization-jpg-CWDF005Visualization-jpg-CWDF006 Part Two is a pastiche of signature Denishawn dances including

Ruth’s Greek Veil Plastique and Nautch, Shawn’s Gnossienne, Japanese

Spear Dance, and Dance of Shiva, Humphrey’s first choreography for

Denishawn Valse Caprice also known as Scarf Dance, Martha Graham in Shawn’s

Serenata Morisca, Charles Weidman in Shawn’s Danse Americaine and

Crapshooter. Part Two concludes with The Garden of Kama, the first

choreographic collaboration of St. Denis and Shawn from 1915.Visualization-jpg-CWDF007 Visualization-jpg-CWDF008 Visualization-jpg-CWDF009