About the Foundation

The Charles Weidman Dance Foundation, Inc. was established in 1968 as the Charles Weidman School of Modern Dance, Inc. We have functioned continuously since then dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of Charles Weidman: one of the giants and pioneers of American modern dance. Initially, the board was charged with maintaining Mr. Weidman’s company and school, and fostering his goals of creating and presenting dances, developing dancers, and creating interest in modern dance. After Mr. Weidman’s death in 1975, the name of the Foundation was changed to its current name in 1990. While the company and school no longer exist, the mission and goals of the Foundation remain the same – to reconstruct and stage, present, and preserve the work, principles, and legacy of Charles Weidman.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization. While not a membership organization, a board of directors implements the Foundation’s mission and goals. Through the Foundation, Mr. Weidman’s work has remained accessible to the public, and in particular, to dance students and dance history scholars. Professional performances, produced or arranged by the Foundation, are helping to achieve this. The teaching of Weidman technique also figures prominently in the Foundation’s mission through courses and workshops. The Foundation places special emphasis on encouraging the living inheritors of the Weidman repertory to stage and teach his work and to assist with its preservation.

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